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Android 作品: Poker Seven Solitaire 撲克接龍(排七)

我的 Android 作品: Poker Seven Solitaire, 若有使用上的問題, 也歡迎告知, 謝謝.

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tomkuo139.com.pokerSeven.free




Poker Seven Solitaire 撲克接龍(排七)


由 7 號牌開始向上 (8, 9, 10, J, Q, K) 或向下 (6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) 排列,

在無法排列時, 就必須要蓋牌,

最後, 決定誰的蓋牌分數或蓋牌張數最少, 誰就是贏家.

遊戲規則 :
- 蓋牌分數總和最小者為贏家.
- 贏家可以累加與所有玩家的差距數值. (計分模式開啟)
- 贏家可以有一次透明牌的機會.
- 剛開始電腦等級較低, 在你分數越來越高時, 電腦等級也會越高.

遊戲特色 :
- 由你自己新建紙牌圖案.
- 提供 21 種紙牌圖案, 14 種紙牌花色, 6 種數字樣式, 4 種點擊動畫, 5 種丟牌動畫.
- 紙牌圖案 / 花色 / 數字樣式 / 動畫 / 背景 多種組合隨意搭配.
- 可以用分數解鎖紙牌圖案, 花色, 動畫.
- 點擊玩家, 可以自訂玩家的圖案與名稱.
- 可以將系統桌面當作遊戲背景.
- 每到 12 月, 會自動下雪, 增加聖誕節氣氛.

"Poker Seven Solitaire" is a game of poker cards,

you must put cards to sort from number seven to up (8, 9, 10, J, Q, K) or down (6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1),

if you have no card to sort, you must throw a card,

and to show grades and the winner after game over.

Rules of the game:
- The player that has the smallest lost points is the winner.
- The winner can accumulate value from other players. (Open Score Mode)
- The winner have a opportunity that you can see others' cards.
- When your score is higher, the level of the game is higher.

Feature of the game :
- You can create poker picture by yourself.
- There are twenty one card pictures, fourteen card styles, six number types, four click animations, five throw card animations.
- You can mix the card picture / style / number type / animation / background.
- You can use points to unlock more cards picture, style, animation.
- Click the player to define player's name and photo.
- The system wallpaper can be used as background of the game.
- Every December will fall snow automatically to increase the atmosphere of Christmas.


Version 7.0.3 (2014-10-20):

. 選單增加【贏家是否顯示透明牌】項目。
  Menu item add whether winner display transparent card.

Version 7.0.0 (2014-10-09):

. 重新洗牌增加音效。
  Reshuffle add sound.
. 重新洗牌加上投票表決功能。
  Reshuffle add the vote function.

Version 6.9.0 (2014-09-25):

. 增加出牌方式,方便按個人喜好方式出牌:左右滑動手指,選擇你要出的牌。
  Add to throw the cards method to accord to personal preference: slide your finger, and throw the choose card.

. 【重開新局】標題改為【重新洗牌】,讓人比較容易了解。

. 解決遮牌數會遮住紙牌的問題。

Version 6.8.2 (2014-09-12):

. 增加【重開新局】功能。
  Add refresh function.

Version 6.8.0 (2014-08-29):

. 大幅改善遊戲效能.
  Significantly improve game performance.

. 在丟牌之後,自動調整牌距,讓用戶更方便點擊紙牌.
  After throwing cards, cards adjust distance automatically, allowing user to more easily click cards.

. 畫面增加 Menu 按鈕,方便沒有 Menu 鍵的手機開啟選單設定.
  Screen add the menu button for easy no menu key phone to open settings.

Version 6.6.8 (2014-07-22):

. 修正某些時候沒有儲存積分的問題.
  Fixed the problem that sometime can not save score.

Version 6.6.5 (2014-07-11):

. 解決結算畫面的字體大小問題.
  Solve the font size problem of the game end.

. 廣告增加底圖, 避免廣告沒有顯示時會有黑黑的一塊.
  Advertising add the background picture to avoid a black block while advertising doesn't show.

Version 6.6.3 (2014-07-07):

. 增加情境音樂.
  Add music option that is adjust by scenario.

Version 6.6.2 (2014-06-27):

. 增加 App 開場畫面.
  Add the start screen of App.

Version 6.6.0 (2014-06-20):

背景音樂預設開啟 "歡樂輕快" 音樂.
  Background music turned on "happy" music by default.

Version 6.5.0 (2014-06-13):

  Menu add players' picture and name setup.

Version 6.3.0 (2014-06-06):

  Add game type.

Version 6.2.0 (2014-05-30):

  Add live wallpaper recommendation.

Version 6.1.0 (2014-05-11):

變更自動提示的設定後, 會立即看到變更結果.
  After changing auto prompt setting will immediately see the result of your changes.

增加計分模式:數字計分 or 張數計分.
  Add score model: number model or page model.

Version 6.0.0 (2014-03-26):

點擊玩家, 可以自訂玩家的圖案與名稱.
  Click the player to define player's name and photo.

Version 5.9.1 (2014-03-21):

  The system wallpaper background increase black and white transparency settings.

Version 5.9.0 (2014-03-16):

. 修正一些遊戲錯誤.
  Fixed some bugs.

  Tips starting position of poker card.

  Release more poker images and styles.

Version 5.8.0 (2014-02-26):

增加 "自動提示" 選項.
  Add "Auto Prompt" switch setting.

增加 2 種數字類型: 炫光紅, 炫光綠.
  Add two card number style: red light, green light.

Version 5.7.0 (2014-02-07):

  Automatically to show which cards can throw.

離開遊戲時, 會詢問是否結束.
  When you want to close the game, it will ask you whether to end.

Version 5.6.0 (2014-01-20):

增加 3 種數字類型: 黑色, 炫光藍, 炫光粉紅.
  Add three card number style: black, blue light, pink light.

增加 1 種點擊動畫: 煙火.
  Add one click animation: firework.

在過年前幾天, 會有新年快樂動畫.
  There will be a happy new year animation in a few days before Chinese New Year.

  Reduce the game's starting time.



  Add the version description of app.

Version 5.5.0 (2013-12-31):

增加 Happy New Year 效果, 增加新年氣氛.
  Add Happy New Year effect.

Version 5.3.0 (2013-12-20):

增加下雪效果, 增加聖誕節氣氛.
  Add snow effect.

Version 5.2.0 (2013-12-16):

. 修正一些 App 錯誤.
  Fixed some bugs.

. 修改標題顏色, 讓標題更容易查看.
  Change the color of the title to let user to look easily.

Version 5.1.0 (2013-12-13):

. 遊戲增加難易度, 當你的分數越高, 遊戲層級就越高.
  Increase the difficulty of the game, when your score is higher, the level of the game is higher.

. 增加 2 種撲克牌花色 (小鑲嵌, 小炫光), 總計有 14 種.
  Add two card styles, total has fourteen.

. 增加聖誕音樂.
  Add one Christmas music.

. 美化標題, 讓標題不再是灰色的.
  Beautify the title instead of gray title.

Version 5.0.1 (2013-12-05):

. 用戶可以自訂圖案有 8 個.
  You can create eight poker pictures now.

. 用戶可以刪除自訂圖案.
  You can delete poker pictures.

. 修正更新後無法開啟遊戲的錯誤.
  Fixed some bugs.

Version 4.9.0 (2013-11-29):

. 由你自己新建紙牌圖案.
  You can create poker picture by yourself.

Version 4.8.0 (2013-10-29):

. 增加 3 種撲克牌圖案 (氣球, 熱氣球, 海灘海浪), 總計有 21 種.
  Add three card images, total has twenty one.

. 開放更多的撲克牌圖案.
  Release more poker images.

. 設定選單改為左側滑動選單.
  Settings menu changes to the left sliding menu.

. App 大小減少約 1M 空間容量.
  App size reduction of about 1M space.

. 支援 Android 4.3.
  Support Android 4.3.

Version 4.6.0 (2013-09-30):

. 在 "計分模式" 已解鎖的圖案/花色/動畫, 也能顯示在 "不計分模式" 上.
  In the "score model" is already unlocked images / styles / animations, they can also display in the "non score mode".

. 開放比例動畫.
  Release scale animation.

Version 4.5.0 (2013-09-27):

. 增加 "計分模式" 的開關設定.
  Add "Score Mode" switch setting.

. 開放更多的圖片, 花色, 動畫.
  Release more pictures, styles, and animations.

Version 4.3.0 (2013-09-12):

. 選單以更直覺且即時的方式, 來顯示紙牌選擇設定
  Menu displays poker cards by intuitive and immediate way.

. 增加 2 種撲克牌圖案 (台北 101, 巴黎鐵塔), 總計有 18 種
  Add two card type, total has eighteen.

. 增加 2 種撲克牌花色 (泡泡, 鑲嵌), 總計有 12 種
  Add two card style, total has twelve.

. 增加 1 種點擊動畫 (向上移動), 總計有 4 種
  Add one click animation, total has four.

. 增加 1 種紙牌動畫 (果凍彈跳動畫), 總計有 5 種
  Add one animation, total has five.

. 更換新的 App Icon
  Change new App icon.

Version 4.2.0 (2013-08-30):

. 使用者可自訂系統桌布透明度
  User can custom the alpha of system wallpaper.

. 增加 2 種撲克牌樣式: 炫光 1, 炫光 2
  Add two card type: Light 1, Light 2.

. 增加 3 種撲克牌花色: 炫光, 大炫光, 大平面
  Add three card style: Light, Big Light, Big Flat.

Version 4.1.0 (2013-08-16):

. 增加 4 種撲克牌樣式: 向日葵, 蒲公英, 水滴, 夜景
  Add four card type: Sunflower, Dandelion, Water droplet, Night.

. 增加 3 種撲克牌花色: 大理石, 紙張, 金屬
  Add three card style: Marble, Paper, Metal.

. 美化梅花圖示
  Improve plum icon more beautiful.

Version 4.0.0 (2013-08-10):

. 增加 3 種點擊動畫: 火焰, 黃色閃光, 藍色閃光
  Add three click animation: Fire, Yellow light, Blue light.

. 增加 3 種撲克牌樣式: 地球, 銀河, 花
  Add three card type: Earth, Galaxy, Flower.

. 修正水平模式無法繼續遊戲的問題
  Fixed a bug that can not restart game in horizontal mode.

Version 3.9.0 (2013-07-18):

. 增加控制項, 由玩家自己設定出牌速度的快慢
  Increased control option that the player can setup speed of throwing poker card.

Version 3.8.5 (2013-07-06):

. 修正一些由用戶提出的 Bug
  Fixed some bug.

. 移動動畫由各玩家方向開始
  Move animation starts from current player.

Version 3.8.3 (2013-07-05):

  Highlight the current players and the winner.

Version 3.8.0 (2013-06-29):

紙牌增加更多動畫 (旋轉, 移動, 比例)
  Increase more animation (rotate, move, scale).

增加點數兌換機制, 來解鎖更多項目
  Increase convert score to unlock more option.

Version 3.6.0 (2013-06-06):

  Increase the scoring system.

如果丟牌是無效的, 系統會提示還有哪些有效的牌可以丟
  If you want to throw invalid card, system will prompt what are valid cards.

Version 3.5.1 (2013-05-23):

  Solved the problem of invalid flip screen button.

翻轉螢幕之前, 會顯示遊戲將會重新開始的訊息框
  Before rotate the screen, system displays the message that the game will be restarted.

Version 3.5.0 (2013-05-16):

. 增加 "熱情如火" 紙牌花色
  Add fire card type.

. 增加 "冰天雪地" 統紙牌花色
  Add snow card type.

. 修正一些畫面位置編排的問題
  Fixed some bug.

Version 3.3.6 (2013-04-06):

. 增加音樂選擇對話框
  Add music selection dialog.

. 增加第二個背景音樂
  Add second background music.

. App 大小減少約 1M 空間容量
  App size reduction of about 1M space.

Version 3.3.0 (2013-04-01):

. 增加背景音樂
  Add the background music.

Version 3.2.2 (2013-03-01):

. 解決切換背景類型時會造成 App 直接結束的問題
  Solve the problems that will cause App directly close during changing background type.

Version 3.2.0 (2013-02-25):

. 增加夢幻背景
  Add the dream background.

Version 3.1.0 (2013-02-02):

. 增加賀新年紙牌 (注意看紙牌中間, 會有 3D 懸浮效果喔)
  Add card type of Chinese New Year.

Version 3.0.0 (2013-01-18):

. App 大小減少約 50% 空間容量
  App size reduced by half.

. 底圖 / 花色 / 數字隨意組合搭配

  The card picture / style / number free to mix and match.

Version 2.9.0 (2012-11-10):

. 背景顯示系統桌布, 但不顯示 icons
  The background display system wallpaper, but does not show icons.

Version 2.8.0 (2012-09-13):

. 增加背景類型設定, 可以設定系統桌面當作 App 背景
  Add the background type setting, you can set the system desktop as App background.

Version 2.6.0 (2012-08-12):

. 增加傳統紙牌花色
  Add traditional card type.

Version 2.5.3 (2012-07-30):

. 支援 Android 4.1 (JellyBean)
  Support Android 4.1 (JellyBean).

. 非同步處理, 由 Thread 改用 AsyncTask.

Version 2.5.0 (2012-06-10):

. 放大水平模式的玩家手牌, 讓點選紙牌更方便
  The larger size of playing cards in horizontal screen, let playing cards are clicked easily.

. App 空間可以移到 SD Card, 增加手機空間
  App can be moved to SD Card to get more space of the mobile phone.

Version 2.3.0 (2012-03-22):

. 增加水平橫放的遊戲版面
  Add horizontal layout of the game.

Version 2.0.0 (2012-02-15):

. 增加粉紅色紙牌花色
  Add pink card type.

Version 1.9.3 (2011-12-23):

. 增加隨機紙牌花色
  Add random card type.

Version 1.9 (2011-12-09):

. 增加星空背景
  Add the star background.

Version 1.8 (2011-09-16):

. 選擇是否顯示背景圖
choose whether to display the background image.

Version 1.7 (2011-07-26):

. 可以選擇紙牌花色
  You can choose the card type.

Version 1.6 (2011-07-12):

. 玩家若是第一名贏家, 則下一局可以看對方的牌
  If you are the winner, you can see other player's cards on the next game.

Version 1.5 (2011-06-05):

. 改變丟牌的方式, 以利準確地丟牌
  To Change the method of throwing the card, and to throw the card accurately.

Version 1.2 (2011-02-08):

. 背景動畫
  Add "background animation".

Version 1.0 :

. 玩家表情隨不同狀態而改變
  The face of player will be changed by the different status.

. 放牌以漸層動畫呈現
  Put card with alpha animation.

. 遊戲結束時, 公佈分數與贏家
  To show grades and the winer after game over.

. 支援中英語系
  Support Chinese and English languages.


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